Canadian Union is an online Money Transfer service that offers customers a reliable way to send remittances to family and friends in Pakistan. Our state-of-the-art online remittance system enables you to transfer money over the internet and pay for the transaction directly from your bank account.

Canadian Union offers two main receive options. Designated beneficiaries can collect cash from any of the 900+ branches of our partner Allied Bank of Pakistan. We can also send money directly to any bank account in Pakistan in which the beneficiary holds his/her account.

Canadian Union is dedicated to serving the remittance needs of expatriate Pakistani community in Canada.


Our vision is to become the first choice for remittances to Pakistan from around the globe.


  • To deliver affordable, cost-effective remittance service
  • To provide innovative online solutions for global money transfer
  • To serve the remittance needs of an ever-growing expatriate community all across Canada

We will strive to accomplish our mission by providing safe and efficient remittance facilities, designing products and services that appeal to our valued customers, building strong business partnerships that will enrich our network, and ensuring fast and reliable delivery of money transfer services that is second to none.

Service Coverage:

We offer the largest disbursement network in Pakistan. Through our reliable money transfer network, we ensure fast and safe delivery of remittances to beneficiaries in Pakistan.

As our network continues to grow, we will expand our services to cover remittances to other countries on the globe.

Send Money From Any Device

Registered with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC)
as a Money Services Business. FINTRAC Registration Number: M09391565

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